How do I load using a debit card?

Learn all about how to load using a debit card.

How to add money using a debit card

In order to make an online payment you will need to add a 3D-S mobile number. To do this you will need to speak to someone, please call us at 0333 123 1812. This is to ensure your account's security.

Please note: Before you load using a debit card, you’ll need to save to the card onto the account. Read the article How do I add or change my debit card. 

Step 1: Login and using the left sidebar click Load card

B2C Personal - How do I load using a debit card

Step 2: Enter the amount and currency and select Debit Card Payment

B2C Personal - How do I load using a debit card 2

You will then be asked to authorise the payment with your bank, either with an SMS code or within your online banking app/login. Once completed, you will receive an email to confirm whether the load was successful.

That's it. You should be able to load your card using a debit card.

Still need support? Get in touch with our customer support team by sending an email to or call us on 0333 123 1812 or +44 (0) 207 201 0526 (international line). Our opening hours are 09:00 - 17:00 or you can call out of hours and request a callback.

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