Expenses in the spotlight - 2022 research report

Our survey of 158 CFOs and financial controllers offers a comprehensive understanding of expense management in UK based businesses.

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Look at trends over the last 3 years  

Our 2022 expenses report offers direct comparisons to our 2019 expenses report, and gives an invaluable overview of the expense management landscape and its developments over the past three years.


£705 and 22 hours down each month

Businesses are spending £705 and 22 hours per month chasing incomplete expense forms, but do UK businesses think this is the way forward? Is there another option to save your business time and money?


Transformational leaders will champion employee wellness

75% of CFOs considered themselves to be transformational leaders, and combining IT, HR and finance in a holistic system is key to ensure you’re reaping all the benefits that automating your expense management system affords you, including the wellness of your employees. 



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What's inside:

  • How does a manual expense management system affect employees?

  • What effect has the pandemic had on the business expense landscape? 

  • How can automating your expenses improve your business?


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Expense cards

Empower your business and employees with smart company cards


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Control spend, with budgets for everyone and every team


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Automate expense reports and track spend in real-time


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Simplify bookkeeping – integrate with your accounting system